Presenting: The Literal Music Video

Jun 05, 2009 in Funny, Kamil

Here’s a short list of the “latest” trend in music video… we tried to pick the best :)

It’s Friday!!!

Jan 31, 2008 in Funny, Kamil

Rather than polluting your inbox with some “funniest jokes ever” I’ll put funny items I come accross on here so that you can look at them (or not) of your own free will. The only problem I noticed with this approach is that I find a lot of obscure videos funny and there is no room for all of them. The easiest solution would be just to copy the entire (almost) YouTube library but we can’t do that can we. So instead, just check out the related videos that show after the one I posted on here finishes playing (Chose a video to watch, hit play, when that video stops a lot of little videos will show up in it’s place that are related to the original).

Funny Berlitz commercial, oldie but a goodie

Macbook Air spoof

Macbook Air spoof #2

Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft in an ad from 1984 for Windows 1.0. Ad was meant as a joke for an internal conference at M$. I’ve heard that MS actually considered using this very same ad for Vista but they gave up because it would cost too much to re-shoot due to one significant change … Reversi has been substituted with Solitaire back in Windows 3.1 …

Steve Ballmer again. This time at a Microsoft Developers Conference … with soundtrack … and … passion?!?:
I found this one a long time ago on Fake Steve Jobs blog – FakeSteve’s blog is quite possibly the funniest thing on the web IMHO. I’m sure Steve B. is a nice guy, in this video however he does come accross a bit… scary.

I’m not sure if this is for real or not, you be the judge of how “badass” they are