Friday: San Diego Zoo

Nov 02, 2007 in Family, Kamil

San Diego Zoo LogoOn Friday Alex and Wiktoria went to the San Diego Zoo with their grandparents. Alex says his favorite animals were the snakes because “Joe, and grandma and cici like snakes” and both kids enjoyed the meerkat exhibit as they are their school mascots. Wiktoria however liked the sea otters the most and grandparents liked the panda bears, so the opinions are varied as to the favorite animal. Joe or Maria can add more details about the visit to the zoo…

 When looking at the San Diego Zoo’s web page I noticed that they also use WordPress for their blog (side note for the techies).

The weekend: San Diego Zoo, Sea World and the LEGOLAND

Nov 01, 2007 in Family, Kamil

Family weekend in San Diego. My parents took the kids with them on Friday morning and spent the day at the San Diego Zoo. We flew in on Friday night at around 10pm. The trip was planned for my Mom’s birthday so that she would be able to spend time with the whole family. It was a fun weekend especially for the kids who went to bed exhausted with each day’s activities and with heads full of new memories. We spent Saturday at the Sea World then Sunday we went to the Legoland had dinner in the San Diego’s Old Town and flew back to San Jose. Since we had so much fun at each place I thought I’d split up the posts to highlight some of the attractions at each location.

This was about a week after the  2007 Southern California fires have been put out and there was still a lot of FEMA and other government agencies in town making it pretty hard to find hotel rooms.