Opera time

Oct 30, 2007 in Kamil

Magic flute ClipOn Sunday we went to see The Magic Flute opera at the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco. I had a great time despite a couple annoyances with the production. Here’s a full review at SFgate.com.

I mostly agree with the reviewer but i do have to add that when he says that “soprano Erika Miklósa … dispatched the famous coloratura passages beautifully, but that was all;” it was actually worth going just to hear those passages and I got goose-bumps while listening. For those of you not familiar with the opera, imagine the “5th Element” galactic opera scene on a 7.1 surround sound system, plus some.

There was a  Polish accent to the evening as the part of Tamino was performed by a polish born Piotr Beczala (no, we did not know that in advance).

Other notes from the outing… an older gentleman fell asleep behind us and dropped his big and heavy cane. It hit Ania right in the middle of her head with a thud that I’m sure people a few rows away could hear :(  Also the traffic on the way home was pretty bad as the San Francisco 49ers game just ended. The GPS was telling me to take the Bay Bridge to 880 because of the traffic and to avoid 101 but I thought I knew better so we ended up sitting on 101 for about 30 minutes. I later found out that the Oakland Raiders also had a home game that day and we would have hit that traffic if we took the 880, so either way it we it would’ve been bad.

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