Merry Christmas

Dec 27, 2007 in Family, Kamil

Merry Christmas by dimantIt’s my favorite time of the year again. We spent the Christmas Eve at my parent’s place stuffing ourselves with great food. Last year we organized the party at our place for friends and family. Everyone made one dish which with 20+ people at the table provided for quite a culinary treat with all the special regional dishes or variations on the classics that I myself have never tasted before.

This year we had a traditional Polish Christmas Eve supper with 12 (or 13?) dishes. The supper stared with homemade barszcz z uszkami (beetsoup with mushroom dumplings), which was followed with halibut cooked in onions, herring in oil, herring in sour cream with apples and onions, a vegetable-potato salad, broiled halibut with potatoes, a dish which name I’ve seen translated as “Hunter’s Stew” and which is basically fresh cabbage and sauerkraut mix cooked with mushrooms ans spices (meat or sausage is added later as the meal on Christmas Eve traditionally could not contain meat other than fish – now it can but some things are still just done out of tradition), special pancakes, a poppy seed and raisin pasta dish, couple different cakes and few other dishes that are considered traditional dishes to eat around Christmas time.

Halloween is almost here

Oct 30, 2007 in Kamil

HaloweenLast Saturday we went to a Hallowen/birthday party at Iza and Nazar’s place. Everyone had great costumes and we had a great time. I didn’t take any pictures but I will post some as soon as I get them from the other attendees. Thanks Juanita, Marylin, “Mrs. Doubtfire” and the other “girls”. The pirates were great, the Dj and the musical note, Al Capone, Zorro, the Polish volleyball team and all others.

If you were one of the attendees and would like to get your photos posted just send them to me at or give them to me on a CD.