5.6 Earthquake about 7 miles from our home

Oct 31, 2007 in Kamil

EarthquakeThere was a 5.6 magnitude earthquake tonight, Tuesday 10/30 at 8:04pm. I was done with a Real Estate Finance midterm early and I was waiting for Ania to finish her Law class. I was getting a coffee at the college coffee shop since I had about an hour and a half of wait time and I was chatting with the owner when the earthquake hit. I didn’t feel a thing and neither did he. The cooks from the neighboring cafeteria were yelling something that I didn’t hear and the person I was talking to said that we just had an earthquake and pointed out the row of about 10 lamps that were hanging from the ceiling still swaying quite a bit… Darn I missed another one. This was 3rd or 4th earthquake that I was in but didn’t feel a thing…

 Ania was in her class at the time and said that the entire building was shaking. People stopped talking and the professor just said “yes it’s earthquake” after which he proceeded to explain the finer points of American law to a student he was talking to while it hit.

 Tuesday is the day my parents take the kids to a swimming class but at 8:04 they were already back at our home. I guess my mom got pretty scared which in turn affected the kids. Since the house is much closer to the epicenter than the college there were things moving and shaking along with the entire structure (tv, cabinets etc) but nothing fell off. When my parents got to their home they discovered that several drawers opened during the eartquake and a few things fell off the shelves so it must have been a lot stronger at their place.

At work a few things fell off the shelves and I’ve heard a monitor fell off a desk in one of the buildings but that’s about it.

Local newstation coverage of the quake from NBC and ABC

List of recent earthquakes on the CA-NV map from the USGS and more detailed info on this earthquake

UPDATE: Today 10/31 at 3:54pm  I felt my first earthquake. It was an aftershock of yesterday’s 5.6 and had a magnitude of 3.7.