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Waiting for the Nikon D300

Oct 25, 2007 in Kamil

Nikon D300After my Nikon D200 system with the lenses and accessories has been stolen during a burglary  in August I’ve decided to wait for the D300 rather than purchase another D200. This did leave me without a camera for a while but the day I get my hands on a new D300 is getting closer. Amazon will start shipping them on December 15th and I can’t wait to get one.  There are several improvements but the one that is most important to me as a father of 2 lively kids is the greatly improved autofocus sytem with 51 rather than 11 autofocus areas. Besides making it a good kid capture device it will also allow for more flexibility in composing your shots while using autofocus.  You can read more about the camera here.