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Monday, April 21st, 2008 @ 5:28 am | Family, Kamil, Travel

Uluru SunsetWe came back from our Australian vacation on Monday… and I was finally able to get enough sleep today (slept 14 hours?). We had a great time and there is a lot I am going to be writing about in the next few weeks as well as posting some photos and quicktime panoramas. But first things first. I am going to try and upgrade to WordPress 2.5 which has been out for about a month. Then upgrade the NextGen gallery plugin to version 0.94 which introduces some very helpful features for the image gallery. THEN provided nothing goes wrong in the upgrade process I will start posting our day to day diary from the trip. We spent time in Melbourne, Alice Springs, Ayers Rock, Darwin and Sydney so there is plenty to write about and some 6000 ( 5777 jpgs + some 200 RAW) photos that I have to go through. I promise to be quicker than with the pictures from the European trip we went on in June 2007 (they are still not up) as there are others looking for these pictures to appear on the site (guys and girls from the 3 day Kakadu trip). I took the first step and resized all the jpg photos to 1024×768 (size that I post them in on here) yesterday and I started to go through them throwing out the really bad photos and the under/over exposed ones I took for HDR purposes.

We were flying on April 1st from LAX to Melbourne and here are a couple of pictures from the gate that was next to the Quantas gate we were boarding at. The good: It’s funny. The bad: That’s when I realized that I BOOKED THE WRONG FLIGHT … Funny thing is out of the 300+ passangers waiting for the Quantas flight that had to go by this sign I was the first one to notice that something was off, nice way to set the mood for the rest of the trip :-) since people on the flight were having a good laugh about this rather than getting offended:

Nice Flight

LAX Gate 115 April 1st 2008 around 4PM :-)

Nice Flight 3

the last line was blinking that’s why it’s only in the second photo

Just one quick observation before I forget, so we land at SFO at around 10AM, get to our car parked at the long term parking and start heading home on 101 South. All is great, we are tired from the flight but mentally rested and happy mostly due to great Aussie attitude and overall friendliness and free spirit. Then we turn on the radio (KGO which has the label of a liberal station) … They are taking angry calls about Osama bin Laden and why have they not caught him and whom the US should kill next etc etc, then the news is all about the election and some comments Obama made over the weekend about bitter people in small towns in Pennsylvania clinging to guns and religion because they are doing bad economically …  I really regreted coming back at this moment. I was so glad not to have to listen to this bs for two weeks. Even going to Australia I felt like an idiot at the airport in Auckland, New Zeland where we had a stop and had to leave the plane. Going through security I start taking off my shoes and getting the laptop out of the backpack and trust me with two kids travelling with you it’s not easy nor quick so you tend to stress out a bit. Then one of the security people smiles at me and says “You can keep your shoes on here mate, don’t need to take them off”. Same treatment at all airports in Australia, relaxed but watchful, my camera backpack spent a long time in each of the x-ray machines because of the number of batteries and cables I carry in it and got the chemical sniffer treatment once, yet you are not humiliated and reminded of a “threat” by taking off your shoes, you can carry water (or beer or other fluids) through the security and people waiting for passangers are allowed in the gate area on the national flights.  Of course being conditioned in the US I kept thinking that it’s not secured and that they are making it easy for the terrorists but when you think about it all it really does is keeps security out of the traveller’s mind rather than smear it in your face. Like when you’re walking barefoot on nasty floor trying to down that open bottle of water you might have brought with you or bought at the airport as you pass a security person frantically handing out the proper quart size zip top bags (not an ounce larger and DEFINATELY NOT THE FOLD OVER KIND (from FAA site) – those are not allowed) to everyone like water to marathon runners. At the Alice Springs airport I saw a British kid with a sixpack of Fosters (yea he was not Aussie) in his carry-on backpack. At the Darwin airport I sent a coffee in a cup through the x-ray machine and it was fine. Scared populace is obidient populace I guess so America please WAKE UP … Here’s why I don’t think taking shoes off does not have a real security objective but rather intimidation and only serves to remind peple of “THE THREAT”: If you can fit a bomb that is not detectable by the metal detector in a heel of a shoe you will be able to fit it in a bra or a jock strap or just your pocket or sew it into your pant leg so I really see no point in sending just the shoes through the x-ray while the rest of your person is not searched/scanned with anything more than a simple metal detector. Untill the Backscatter X-ray machines are available everywhere (or other similiar technology) you are not doing any real prevention x-raying shoes only … (Can you tell this really got to me? :-). It actually got to me many years ago but I decided to voice it now)

 Some other quick items: due to jet lag I spent long hours at night surfing but at least I tried to make use of it, I found the family coat of arms that my great grandparents and grandparents were using (not in this sense) and here’s what it looked like (This should be peacock’s tail not ostrich feathers in the crest in the first image but otherwise it’s accurate):

Herb Niezgoda

Herb Niezgoda 3

I will write a separate post on the coat of arms and the intersting story behind it as it needs a lot more explanation than just a quick mention.
In other news … Wouldn’t you hate to be the owner of this car… get up in the morning to find it’s turned into a submarine:

Malucha Pochlonela Ziemia

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